Allow myself, to introduce myself…

So, how does this site work?

The Travel Type About Precious Life

We’re a fun Canadian couple (who are volunteering with Cuso International in Lao), and our travel blog is here to entertain. We uphold 3 ideals:

Be open to adventure, so that life is never routine.

Figure out what’s important in life, which is harder than it sounds.

Travel slowly, to achieve the above without going broke.

Why should I care?

Good question! If there’s nothing in it for you, why sign up for our email updates, return week after week, follow us on Facebook, or reply to our Tweets? (you’re going to do all of that right…)

What we want for you, is to improve the quality of how you travel. It’s our focus.

And it may be out of scope, but we’d be thrilled if we also help you appreciate life just a little more.

About Being Together
About Making Do

We care.

As you read this we are out in the world, traveling.

We don’t always have friends nearby, but enjoy connecting with others and hearing their thoughts.

If our updates resonate with you please comment and let us know.


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About Wasting Time

Heather & Tim’s Story (short version)

We are two former engineers who quit our office-bound careers to indulge in our passion for travel. For us the charm of a normal life (career, house, kids, and retirement) fell apart before we had even worked a decade.

Our mission is to live fully now, not later.

Heather & Tim’s Story (longer version)

You want to know even more about us and how we got here? OK, try not to fall asleep in the first part.

We met in University, studied for five years and graduated with Engineering degrees in 2003. Then we got jobs.

Fascinating, right? That was the boring part, it gets better.

After working in our field for one year, we decided to step away from the conventional engineering path to try something different. We applied to teach English as a second language. We were accepted, and spent the next two years living in rural Japan.

Then we came back, and jumped straight into our careers. We worked for six years, climbing the corporate ladder. We used words like ‘process flow’, ‘synergy’, and ‘operational excellence’ in every day conversation. We got good at our jobs and others recognized it. We made money and used it to buy stuff. And we counted the days between vacations when we could travel again.

One night after drinking two bottles of wine, we did some booze-fueled soul searching and realized that when we weren’t traveling, we weren’t really happy. We decided to chase happiness.

So we made a plan (we were sober at this point).

We made a plan to travel for one whole year. We planned how much money we would need, how we would prepare, where we would go.

And then we looked at our plan, what we wanted to accomplish, and a year didn’t seem like enough.

So we made a five year plan.

Then that didn’t seem like enough. You see where this is going right?

We asked ourselves “What if we could travel…forever?

We decided to give it a try, and that’s what we’re doing right now. We gave some things up to pursue the life we wanted. We left our jobs, we left our apartment, and we sold our possessions.

We’re making our lives the best they can be and we haven’t looked back.


Thanks for connecting,

Heather Sinclair & Tim Hirtle