Achieve Your Travel Goals (Presentation)

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Is your bucket list overloaded with travel ideas that never happen? View the embedded SlideShare presentation below; it’s short, only 9 slides, and has lighthearted tips to start you working on your travel goals.

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Fast Tips & Tricks to Achieve Your Travel Goals

Get The Foundation Right

Set S.M.A.R.T. Travel Goals

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-base

(If you use SlideShare you already know this!)


Example Of A SMART Travel Goal

Specific: complete an intermediate level surf camp in Uluwatu, Bali in November 2016

Measurable: get a Certificate Of Completion from the surf school

Achievable: surf schools are available, no travel restrictions, able to plan and save the $$$

Realistic: I’m already a beginner level surfer

Time-based: bookings in place for Nov 2016


Do You Have Limiting Beliefs?

Don’t let these excuses be yours:

Work is too busy

Travel is expensive

Taking the kids is impossible


Changing Your Attitude Removes Your Limits

Negativity will not stop you

Work is too busy … but there is no ‘perfect’ time

Travel is expensive … so I’ll save money with a budget

Taking the kids is impossible … yet rewarding


Do Not Spread Yourself Thin

Focus on ONE important travel goal

Get wet-your-pants excited about it

Remember, one goal at a time


Commit Publicly To Succeed

We are more afraid of public failure than death.

Reference: The Thing We Fear More Than Death, Phychology Today


A Plan Stops Your Dreaming (and starts your doing)

Plan Outline:

Where are you going?

What will you do there?

How much will it cost?

(even a simple plan starts the ball rolling)

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