5 Reasons to Use Hypnosis for Sleep when Combating Jet Lag

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I don’t like lying in hotel beds feeling disgusted at myself, awake at 3 A.M and thinking about the next morning. Groggy, gross, and overtired isn’t how I want to experience a new culture when traveling. I don’t like wasting vacation.

That’s why I hate jet lag. There’s no way to make up for the lack of sleep without sleeping, but jet lag leaves me unable to snooze when I should. Using hypnosis for sleep helps me adjust faster to a new time-zone.

Don’t run away. I’m not pitching the idea of some guy with a dangling watch (and amazing facial hair) compelling you to sleep. Hypnosis audio tracks are short, effective, and they can be downloaded to your iPod.

3 of my favourite jet lag tips:

  • Setting my watch to the local time at my destination, before arriving. This is EASY.
  • Eating meals on a local time schedule, on the plane and after arriving. This is EASY.
  • Only sleeping at night once you arrive. If you’ve crossed a time-zone or dateline, this is NOT SO EASY.

Not being able to sleep is an infrequent but reoccurring problem of mine. Sometimes it’s because I’m jet lagged from traveling. And other times (even at home) my brain just won’t shut up and let me sleep. I’ve found that using hypnosis for sleep gives me the push I need to start a solid nights rest.

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Below are my 5 reasons to use hypnosis to get to sleep.

After the list let’s talk about what it is like to use hypnosis tracks.

1) Get rest without drugs. I don’t want to put a bunch of sleep-aid chemicals into my system, nor do I want to be sleep-deprived in the morning. Hypnosis is the middle-ground and lets me get to sleep without messing with my system. It doesn’t affect my body, whereas sleep drugs make it feel like I’m bludgeoning my body into submission.

1A) Overcome jet lag. As a traveler I’m always swapping time zones and it messes with my sleep patterns. When I fly across Canada my body’s only a few hours messed up, but when I fly across the date-line (hello jet lag), I’m awake all night if I don’t use hypnosis. Listening to the audio tracks is enough to tip me into sleep and start my change to local time.

1B) Reduce sleep anxiety. Traveling means sleeping in unfamiliar rooms. There are sounds I don’t know: pipes groan, a clock ticks, or floorboards in the hallway squeak. My mind grabs on to these new sounds and ponders them, preventing sleep. Listening to sleep hypnosis gives me something to focus on other than the strangeness of my new environment.

2) Quality power napping. The hypnosis tracks I use are less than 20 minutes long and leave me relaxed, even if I don’t go to sleep afterwards. I listen and chill for a set amount of time, and finish feeling like I’ve taken a long nap; but because of the short duration I don’t have the grogginess I usually do when I’ve napped too long.

3) Signal that sleep is coming. Listening to hypnosis for sleep has become familiar for me. I don’t use hypnosis every day but I’ve listened to each audio track on my iPod enough that it kicks in my sleep reflex and I start to feel relaxed and ready for bed. I also like having tea before bed, but that has nothing to do with this post.

4) Fall back to sleep in the middle of the night. I wake up with creative ideas at night, and once I get an idea in my head it’s difficult to shut my mind up and get back to sleep. Without sleep hypnosis I’m left lying awake next to my wife Heather, irritated by the fact that she is sleeping and I’m not. Putting in earbuds and listening to hypnosis on my iPod gets me back to sleep faster.

5) Become calm when nervous. A fallout of trying hypnosis at night is that I can ‘trance out’ during the day. By going over the techniques from the hypnosis track I can calm myself if I get nervous. I’ve done this to relax before giving speeches, before meetings, and other times I start overthinking things.

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Stop Wondering What it’s Like to Use Hypnosis Audio Tracks

I’ve downloaded some hypnosis audio tracks I haven’t liked. I suggest holding out till you find a hypnotist with a voice that appeals to you. Really, who wants to listen to a nasal nanny right before bed?

Avoid wasting your time by sampling any audio tracks (or check for recommendations) before purchasing.

Expect to listen to a hypnosis track a few times before it has effect. Personally, I have to try the audio sessions at least three separate times before feeling relaxed.

When first listening I’m uptight, because I want to hear the message while I’m alert. (Sorry hypnotists, after seeing a raunchy hypnotism stage show in Las Vegas I just don’t trust you.) I want to make sure what you’re suggesting is cool with the conscious me, before I let it affect the unconscious me.

I can’t profess to understand how hypnotism works. I suspect my brain has muscle memory and once it associates the audio track with relaxing, it’s more inclined to work that way. Once I’ve listened to a sleep track a few times I guess I’m susceptible, because I can enter a trance when listening to it. Sliding into trance is subtle.

Imagine walking through a mall and window shopping. Look into the stores as you walk by at a relaxed pace. Just peruse as you pass by and eventually you stop thinking about what you see. You still register things but you zone out. Zoning out is what it is like to enter a hypnotic trance.

Many times I don’t feel like the hypnosis track is going to help me sleep when I’m jet lagged. I fret that the volume’s too loud. Or that I’m uncomfortable. I may even over-focus on the noises outside my room… and then I wake up and know it worked again.


    • I have something shameful to admit: I have a windows phone. The phone and software is good but the app selection is dismal. So I’m not really up on any specific apps to use for hypnosis. I just play the mp3 through my phone or iPod. As for the the non-jet lag thing, certainly give it a try. Once you find a hypnotists voice that is relaxing to you the audio should help you sleep (although i’ve tried hypnosis audio tracks when inebriated and – not surprisingly – it didn’t help me sleep).

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