Volunteering with Cuso International

We're volunteering with Cuso in Lao!

The views expressed in this blog are the authors own and do not necessarily reflect those of Cuso International. That being said, our views are at least three times more attention-grabbing than what you find on the official site. Now on to the exciting stuff!

Before reading further, help Heather and Tim fundraise the $2,000 they (each) need to raise before going to Lao.

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You’ll get a charitable tax receipt from Cuso for donations of $10 or more. You can get a tax receipt whether you’re a Canadian or an American donor. Awesome! Canadian donors be sure to check out the First Time Donor Super Credit.

What is Cuso International?

Cuso logoCuso International is a Canadian NGO that places skilled professionals (like Heather & Tim) into volunteer positions around the world where their skills are needed. The – very manageable – objective of Cuso is to forever reduce poverty and promote equality worldwide. No biggie.

Learn more about Cuso International on their website.

Tell Me More About This “Lao” Place

Lao flagLao (also known as “Laos”) is a small, landlocked country south of China, sandwiched in between Thailand and Vietnam. During the Vietnam War (what is it good for), Lao was bombarded with more land mines than any other country in the world. That (among other factors) has left Lao one of the poorest countries in SE Asia.

We are going to be living in Vientiane, the capital city of Lao, for 12 months. Vientiane is the largest city in Laos with a population of 760,000 and the average high temperature is 31 degrees Celsius (that’s 88 degrees Fahrenheit). This is a big difference from Canada.

“I may only be one person, but I’m one person that’s making a difference.”

 Our work with Cuso International in Lao

Heather will be training Lao officials in computer skills and English, so they will have a larger voice in international dealings. Tim will be researching smallholder irrigation, and creating a funding selection model so that all project members (farmer and funder) get more benefit.

Did you remember to donate?

Honestly, we could use your help getting to Lao. With our engineering, project management, and travel background we are perfectly set up to make a lasting change. We can put our skills towards a good cause, and you can be a part of it!

Donate to Heather on her secure Cuso donation page
Donate to Tim on his secure Cuso donation page

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