7 Ways to Expand Your Travel Style

Expand Your Travel Style

As a flashpacker I enjoy a fusion of cheap travel and occasional comfort. Flashpacking’s my preferred travel style but there are other ways to travel. To name a few: the all-inclusive fatcat, road-trip enthusiast, shoestring backpacker, and overseas volunteer; all travel styles are equally right (and equally wrong). But what’s the best way?

I believe the perfect travel style has none – and all – of the examples above. An exemplary traveler is comfortable in many situations. Appreciative for a dorm-room bunk, and just as happy to flop into a king-sized hotel bed.

To expand my travel style I’d like to experience many points-of-view. Join me, and round-out your style of travel with the following challenges:

Be Epic Waterfall Jump

1. Be Epic. To get an epic travelers viewpoint I don’t need to astonish others, but I do need astound myself. I’ll travel to do something hard, something that leaves me in awe of what I can accomplish. Maybe I’ll travel to do an international marathon, or hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Any suggestions?

2. Explore Home. Some people never leave their home country and I feel that these ‘no need to travel’ people are missing out. But by jetting overseas frequently am I missing out? Evolving to appreciate Canada (my home-country) will make me a better traveler and ambassador.

3. Attempt Antithesis. I travel to see how other cultures live. So it’s difficult for me to accept that some people travel just to relax. At some point I want to change my current travel style for the opposite one, and try an all-inclusive vacation. Being waited on like a king doesn’t sound bad. Just expensive.

4. Go Solo. You may travel solo already, but I haven’t had that experience…yet. My wife and I have been traveling together for 10 years. To understand the solo traveler I want to travel alone. Which sounds lonely… but eye-opening.

Get Social Almonte Puppet Festival

5. Get Social. Certain travelers have a knack for friendliness. I’m the complete opposite: I sweat at the thought of a long conversation with strangers. I’ll never be an extrovert but I can learn to imitate one. Maybe then I’ll understand why some travelers like to be the center of the party.

Go Unplanned Camping Keji

6. Go Unplanned. I have an Excel printout planning the things to do for every country I visit. Other travelers swear by a complete lack of planning. To better understand the spontaneous side of travel I want to try a last-minute, cheapest flight adventure. Just to see where fate takes me.

7. Niche Down. Enthusiasts travel with purpose and I think that’s fun. I’ve traveled specifically for scuba diving a few times. I’ve also traveled for hiking. To expand my outlook on travel I hope to find other unique experiences worth traveling for. Maybe a food trip, or a wine trip. Can I combine the two?

If you want to expand your travel style read the inspiration behind this post: Confession I’m the Worst Traveler Part 1

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