Outdoor Travel Activities

5 Outdoor Travel Activities to Boost Inward Discovery

Figuring out 'who I am' isn't accomplished only by sitting, thinking & meditating. I do that, but I also get outside to exercise (even...
Why You Want Travel to be Meaningful Featured Image

Why You Want Travel to be Meaningful

If travel makes you happy why does it need to be meaningful? On its own happiness is dandy, but without a purpose happiness… it...
Lookout out across Gros Morne mountain "Every Reason Travel is Healthy"

Every Reason Travel is Healthy

Do your health a favour and use all your vacation days this year for traveling. Travel isn't just something exciting for you to spend...
A terrible traveler reads her guidebook upside down in shock

Confession: I’m the Worst Traveler – Part 2

When you write about personal growth and travel, you're supposed to be pretty good at traveling, right? Being the worst traveler means losing credibility...

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